For instant, seasonal colour, flowering bedding plants are the answer.  They are the perfect plants for gap fillers in your flower beds and for creating vibrant,  temporary summer displays in your hanging baskets and containers.  Although they are short lived (one season only) they grow fast and provide excellent value for money

First decide the colour schemes and plant combinations that you want to achieve.  Think about whether you want to create instant patches of colour or a whole bed.  Also consider how big your plants will grow and arrange your plants accordingly.  Always chooses healthy, bushy looking plants and avoid plants that look droopy or withered.

Don’t plant when it’s too hot and water plants in thoroughly.

Dig a whole bigger than the plant root ball, put into the hole, backfill with compost and firm in gently.

Taller plants should be placed to the rear and compact plants placed nearer the front, don’t overcrowd the plants.

Keep bedding plants blooming by picking off ant dead blooms to encourage new flowers.

Feed every 1-2 weeks with a good liquid fertilizer.

Keep all plants weed free as they will steal nutrients and water and may smother your plants.

During hot weather baskets and containers may need watering daily and should be fed weekly.

The best time to water your plants is in the evening, this allows the plants and soil to absorb it before the summer sun burns it off.

If you have any questions then please feel free to call the garden centre.

From Wheatley farm and the team.

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