When considering getting a new puppy, there’s often a lot of thinking, requirements and work to be done. Getting a new puppy is almost like having a new baby, you have to make sure you set correct boundaries that are needed and ensure that you have fun.

Having fun with your new puppy is essential but so are rules and boundaries, the same as you would set rules and boundaries for your children. Having the correct start for you and your puppy helps ensure that you both have a good, respectful relationship. As much as getting a puppy feels like it could be reasonably easy and the training will come and land in your lap, this isn’t always the case; you have to take into consideration a few things.

Financial and time commitments; Ask yourself, do I have the money to be paying for a puppy, its insurance, a good, high quality food, grooming bills, vet bills and sometimes more? Having a puppy/dog is very expensive and takes a lot of commitment, not just financially but with time too. A puppy, shouldn’t really be left alone for longer than a maximum of 3 hours on its own as puppies need time to socialise with people, dogs and everything going on in the environment around them. At the same time as socialisation, puppies should have plenty of rest and personal time, they’re growing and developing and need sleep to ensure their brain’s aren’t overworking. If time or financial situations are hard then its best to re-think getting a puppy until you are able too, this will then reduce the amount of dogs being rehomed.

Choice of breed; when considering getting a puppy, you may want to think about what you want the puppy for. Whether you just want the pup as a family pet, or you want to work with it. (EG, Flyball, Agility etc.) Getting the right puppy that suits your home and what your lifestyle is like.

Speak to a qualified trainer; Speaking to someone such as a qualified trainer about the breed you are thinking of getting instead of just the breeder themselves often enlightens you to a lot more. Trainers have seen both the worst traits and best traits of dogs and they will be able to advise you on what’s best and what do consider when buying the breed of dog you would like.

Cross Breeds; when looking at cross breeds make sure you research about the breeds and around what the breeds are. Look at both the best and worse traits of each breed and makes you aware of what could happen in the future, and what type of dog you could have.

Home; ensure that your home has a accessible garden that the pup could reach easily (when you’re around so you can keep an eye on him/her), meaning that toilet training is quick and easy for you and pup, saving a lot of hassle in your home and so that you don’t have to put extra stress on you or your pup. Having a garden also gives the puppy freedom.

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