Acer, which you may know as Japanese Maples, come in many beautiful colours, shapes and sizes.  If you are looking for the ultimate plant to give your garden that “oriental” feel then an Acer will do just that.  They will provide you with beautiful spring foliage and stunning autumn colour.

Acer are easy to look after and they will quite happily thrive in a pot as a “stand-alone” feature, then below is all you will need:

A pot

An acer of your choice

Compost, this should be equal parts mature plant compost and ericaceous  compost.

Crocks and water

Mix up your compost, put some crocks in the bottom of your pot, put in the compost mix up to halfway.  Remove the acer from its container and place in the middle of the pot, fill around with the remaining compost mix and gently firm in.  You can either leave the soil on top as is or to give it the finishing ‘oriental’ touch use a thin layer of decorative stones and water in.

Place your new Acer in the required position, preferably in dappled shade with a little shelter from the strong winds.  Then sit back and enjoy the vibrant colours your acer will provide.  Not only over the summer but also during the autumn, this is when Acers and Maples look stunning.

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