Looking after your Christmas tree

It’s nearly here!! and Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a real tree.  But before you throw your arms up in despair at the thought of hoovering up needles for the next six months, with a little bit of care your tree should look glorious throughout the festive season.

Choosing a tree

The Norway spruce is probably the cheapest and most traditional tree, but it is well known for dropping its needles everywhere.
The Blue spruce really does look the part with its full foliage and slightly blue tinge and it also holds its needles well.
The ideal tree is the Nordman fir, it’s probably the best tree for holding onto its needles.  So for those of you who have an allergic reaction to the hoover, this is the best tree for you.
When you are on the hunt for that ‘perfect tree’ remember to take a tape measure and stick to the height you want, trees always seem smaller when you buy them, you then get them home and oops! to big.  Give the tree a gentle shake, if the needles are dropping, walk away!!

When you get home

So the worst part is over (choosing your tree and cramming it into the car!), now the fun begins, lights and baubles, let the decorating begin.  But hold on for just one more day, as soon as you get your tree home, cut off a few inches from the bottom of the tree trunk and submerge it in a bucket of water.  Even though it has already been cut, chances are your tree has been bound and left to stand and has probably sealed itself to keep its nutrients in.  Re-cutting your tree will allow water to be drawn up properly.  Once in the water, un-net your tree, let the branches drop down naturally allowing the air  to circulate and leave it for 24hrs or at least overnight.

Routine Care

Even though your tree has no ‘roots’ it will still draw up water so ensure your tree is in a stand with a well.  They can ‘drink’ up to 2 pints of water a day so always keep the water topped up.  The best time to do this is at night when the lights go off and the heating is at its lowest.
Try not to place it near a radiators, the heat will dry your tree out, near a window or door is best.
Christmas tree spray is good to use, it is a polymer that seals the pores on the foliage, preventing needles loosing moisture.

If you follow these few simple tips, your tree will be the star of the show this Christmas.  Then when it’s all over and the decorations come down, take your tree to be recycled or better still, let us at Wheatley Farm Garden Centre come and collect it for you.  Please email or phone us for details.

Due to COVID-19 we are closed but you can order online for local delivery.