Winter Flowering Plants

Summer has been and gone and so have all the bright and vibrant colours,  but winter doesn’t have too be dull and drab.  Their are plenty of winter flowering plants that will bring much needed colour and scent over the coming winter months.  While many plants lay dormant throughout the winter, their are plants that can survive and thrive  in the cold.

Callicarpa Profusion : deciduous shrub, lilac flowers during the summer, pinkish autumn foliage, purple berries in the winter, sun/partial shade in well-drained soil, reaching heights of 1-2mtrs.

Cornus (Dogwood):  deciduous shrub with bright red, lime green or orange stems.  Sun/partial shade, well-drained soil, reaching heights of +6ft.

Daphne:  evergreen shrub with numerous varieties.  Beautiful waxy pinkish flowers, highly scented, red berries to follow.  Sun and well drained soil, reaching heights of 4-6ft.

Sarcococca (Christmas Box):  evergreen shrub, highly fragrant white flowers, partial shade with well drained soil, reaching heights of 5ft.

Viburnum:  evergreen shrub with white/rose tinted flowers, partial shade in well drained soil, reaching heights of 8-10ft.

Eleagnus:  evergreen shrub, small silvery white flowers, sun/partial shade, reaching heights of 8-15ft.

Helleborus (Christmas Rose):  semi-evergreen perennial, various colours, partial shade, well drained soil, reaching 1-2ft.

Camellia:  evergreen shrub, pink/white/red and yellow flowers, partial/full shade, keep moist, reaching heights of 10-12ft.

Holly:  evergreen shrub/tree, over 400 varieties, sun/partial-shade, well-drained soil, white flowers followed by bright red berries.

Skimmia:  evergreen shrub for partial to full shade, ivory white or red buds, reaching heights of 5ft.

Heathers (calluna):  winter flowering evergreen, low spreading habit, various colours, sun, slightly acidic soil.

We must not forget the wide variety of winter bedding plants such as pansy, cyclamen, primrose, bellis and violas.  All of which will give instant colour to our tubs and hanging baskets throughout the cold winter months.

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